Victorian Half Doll Pin Cushion, Purple With Gold Accents, New Lower Price!
This Victorian Half Doll Pin Cushion Is Functional As Well As Being Gorgeous...  This pincushion doll is dressed in a beautiful purple lace skirt with a purple satin pin cushion beneath supporting the doll & filled with polyester fiberfill.  The doll has a flat base so that it sits firmly on your sewing table.  Victorian ladies use them to decorate their dressing tables.  The dolls dress features beaded silk flowers set in silk leaves.  The doll is cast in high quality porcelain, glazed and china painted with lead free paint, 14ct gold accents. Handmade in the USA by a local artist.  4 1/2"w x 6"h
Here is some history on Half-Dolls~  Half Dolls are just that- generally, the upper half of a human figure, without legs.  Half Dolls were produced without legs so they could be attached to something useful- very commonly, pin cushions, but also whisk brooms, tea cozies & numerous things that could grace a ladies dressing table, such as powder boxes & powder puffs.  Most dolls are between 2 & 6 inches tall.
The vast majority of Half Dolls were produced between 1900 and the 1920s.  After the WWII many of the molds were destroyed and their beauty lost.  Some were hidden away & saved so you may still enjoy these treasures today!
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